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Im 17 and had my Tonsils and Adenoids removed about five days ago and every single swallow hurts! I barely want to eat anything. I only drink apple juice, chicken broth and suck on popsicles. I have been researching what i can eat but nothing is very specific. I already vomited once and im afraid to do so again. What can i eat that wont get me sick or hurt my throat?! Please help!


Well the bad news is you may need to continue on a soft liquid diet. My son is six and just had his surgery on Monday and still unable to swallow without pain. The best advice I can give is to drink Jamba juices, smoothies, and cold icy things which will stimulate the healing process fasterand give nutrients. Everyone is different and this pain may be the turning point to feeling better tomorrow, you just do not know. Good Luck.. :)