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Hey girls.. and lingering guys. I don't really date. I don't know if its because I think it's a waste of time and money when I know most relationship with teenagers don't last long and its just a lot of rigmarole or it's because I feel I'm not attractive so I'm too afraid too advance in a relationship with a girl anymore than a friend.Anyways, I'm almost 16 years old. I'm about 5' 11". I weigh around 135 lbs. I have hazel eyes.(Lots of girls compliment me on my eyes but that's all.) I have a funny and outgoing personality. Brown/black hair. Some muscle but not ripped or anything haha.Furthermore, this generation is filled with drugs, smoking, and drinking. I don't and don't plan on any of that except for a little drinking but like wine and daiquiris. So do you think I'm attractive but since I don't do what most teenagers do I can't get find a girlfriend. Or is it that I'm ugly? (I won't mind if it's so I just want the truth.)

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Thanks for your honest observations/opinions! 


Hi funisaton, no-one can tell you if you are physically attractive without photos, but what I can say is that you sound like the sort of guy lots of girls and women would love to get to know better and perhaps form a relationship with. girls love a sense of humour, and they love someone who shows them that they care. All of that is so much more important than a ripped body or high cheekbones. Of course physical attraction does come into it but an average looking guy with confidence (not arrogance, that's a turn off) and a great personality who is caring is far more attractive than a self centred stunning looking guy. Also, your teens are hard as you have little control of your environment. I always felt like an outsider at school. I thought all the guys were jerks and wasn't interested in dating any of them. When yiu go to university or start working your social circle will widen and you will probably meet more like minded people. In your teens its hard to get perspective. You feel like life will always be like this. It won't. At 17 I cried on New years eve as everyone around me seemed to have a boyfriend or girlfriend for a new years kiss and i didn't. I thought that my love life was over at 17 and I'd never meet anyone. it hasn't turned out that way. And another thing, my partner was considered an ugly duckling at school, skinny, never got the girls. now he's tall, muscular, great body and attractive with a winning smile that makes women go weak at the knees. no-one could believe he was the same guy at his school reunion. Women who had bullied him at school tried to pick him up. He took great satisfaction in saying "no thanks". What makes him attractive is his confidence and his caring nature. If I'm really brutal he's only average looking but he is so attractive because he is true to himself and carries himself confidently. He has never had any problem meeting women as an adult. You are right, teen relationships usually don't last, but they are a rehearsal for dating in adulthood and hopefully meeting someone special. That said, you don't have to date in your teens. but if you do meet someone you click with it is a wonderful feeling. Dont write it off but don't go desperately searching for it either. That will lead to you not being true to yourself. There is a girl out there for you (lots probably) but as you are discerning it might just take you a little longer to find the right one. And although it might seem like everyone is taking drugs and getting drunk where you live chances are there are plenty of girls sitting at home wondering where all the decent boys like you are. All the best.