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I currently just turned 14 and I am entering my first year of highschool...scary!I think I started worring about they way I looked in seventh grade, and ever sense then my self confidence has been going down hill.

I am definitely not beauty queen or model pretty, but normal. In my head I think im more ugly than just normal. When I start thinking that in my head I start feeling it on the outside. Whenever I look in the mirror I dont notice my big green eyes or any other of my accets. I just notice every little microscopic imperfection on my face and body. Somedays are worse than others but I definitly have really bad days that are to the point I dont want to do anything but sit in my room by myself, I even try to avoid mirrors as much as possible.

When im at school or out in public I am constanly comparing myself to other people. Thinking in my head "Oh well at least im prettier than that girl." or " Why cant I look like her?" and I would feel awful for thinking those thoughts. Because if those girls heard me say that "Oh well at least im prettier than that girl." That would lower their self confidence!

The things I see when I look in the mirror are my pimples, big forehead, wide face, frizzy curly hair ect... My friends and family are always giving me complements on my looks but I dont belive them. I feel that they are just saying those things because they are my family and friends and they are just trying to be nice. It would be different if strangers or people I dont know would give would give me those complements.

Pretty much all of the girls at my school look the same, Stick straight hair, side bangs and black eyeliner. And then there is me with wild thick curly hair that cant be sraightend. I feel like an outsider that doesnt fit in. I tell this to my mom but she says that I should be happy that I dont look the same as everyone else and that its good to be different. I wish I could agree with her.

I dont think its right for somebody my age to be thinking about these things. I schould be out having with my friends not having any worries! Please reply telling me your story and tips and ideas for helping me and other that feel the way I do.


High School is full of stereotypes. You have the "nerd" "computer geeks" "football players" in the USA you have "the cheerleaders" and so on. I have to admit, the UK isnt as bad with stereotypes, but the UK is just as bad as any other place.

Other children will label you - but dont let it get you down.

Your a typical girl - nothing is ever perfect....... but what is perfect? no spots/pimples, small breasts/large breasts, blonde hair/red hair?

Perfect is the worst word possible to discribe anyone. Nobody is perfect. It just doesnt exist.

I have just finished high school in the UK and omg, my first year - year 7 aged 11-12 - was hell. I made friends but they wasnt the type of people i ever thought i would hang around with.

From Sept to Dec 2005 i was always in trouble. Then when 2006 started, i thought i want to be good, i want to "fit in". No such thing. I changed myself to fit everyone else. It wasnt me. Year 8 aged 12-13 i was a different person, i hung around with "the popular girls and boys" but i knew deep down it wasnt me. Because they bullied other people i got names threw at me and called. So that proved no matter who you hang around with, the name calling and stuff dont change.

Like you wrote That was me. I thought i was ugly, the most horrible looking person who ever existed! I'm 16 and ive only just started leaving the house! I thought everyone was looking at me thinking "omg shes ugly" and nasty things like that, but ive reaslied that i am pretty. Im not perfect. Im not "that girl" i am unique, and if people cant accept that - i cant accept their friendship.

I personlly think you should go to the hairdressers and ask about your hair, tell them you cant tame it, that it wont straighten and they will help, they will give you advise about it. All these girls who look the same dont have their own personality or thoughts - they all want to fit in and in their minds to do that they have to think alike and look alike. You dont.

I really hope ive helped you. Feel free to private message me if you need more help. Im just about to start college, which is a whole new world!


so ur 15 now! :) green eyes u have uh! thats beautiful :) nd perfect curly hair. thats amazing .trust me.. many of the 'stick straight hair' girls at ur school would be dying to have perfect curly hair like u. if u ask me how to look beautiful i would say dressing style is what matters the most. not everyone in this world are born with the perfect looks.. it all depends on the way u portray it . . so portray urself in the bes way nd everything will be wonderful ! :)