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I’m planning to try with vegetarian diet. I heard that it’s very healthy. But my friend told me that usually vegetarians don’t take enough vitamins because some vitamins you can find only in meat. I suppose they need to take supplement of certain vitamins. What vitamins should I use if I'm on vegetarian diet?


Yes. You have right, you are missing some important vitamins and minerals on a strictly vegetarian diet. You will need to supplement your diet with vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, calcium, and zinc. Vegetarians do not consume the richest sources of Vitamin B complex. Be careful because deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can result in mental illness and retardation.


Hi I have been a vegi for 17 years and although it is true some vitamins and fatty acids are hard to obtain from this diet with careful reserch and good planning it is possable to be very healthy eating this way. I would recommend going on the vegetarian society web site this will give you all the information you need to follow this diet and stay healthy. There are many health benifits including lower risk of heart disease, less risk of diabetes and less vegis have obesity problems. I regulary run long distances and am very fit and healthy so if you want to give it a try I say go for it!


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You eat some vegetables from which you will get adequate vitamins and minerals.

1. spinach- vitamin A,vitamin c,magnesium,folate,iron,calcium,antioxidants

2.kale-vitamin A,C,K

3.broccoli-55 calories,vitamin K, vitamin C

4.peas-fiber,protein,vitamin A,C and K

5.sweet potatoes-vitamin A,vitamin C and B-6,potassium,beta-carotene


7.carrots-Vitamin A

8.tomatoes-32 calories,427 milligrams of pottassium,24.7 milligrams of vitamin C

9.garlic- vitamins and minerals

10.onions- 64 calories,vitamin C,vitamin B-6,manganese

11.bell peppers-39 calories,190 milligrams of vitamin C,0.434 milligrams of vitamin B-6,folate,beta-carotene

13.cauliflower-27 calories,plenty of vitamin c,vitamin k,fiber






The natural foods and vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins that are very good the human body and health that is the reason now people try to take the organic foods ,fruits and vegetables ...