my husband and I had intercourse around my ovulation time. well when i missed my period i took a hpt and it came back positive. well i took 2 more cause i was excited and they were positive. i went to the doctors for a confirmation and she told me it was negative. i lookes at her as if she had 5 heads. well i was confused then I went home and took another test (a different brand) and it said positive. i went to another doc she said neg. ARE YOU SERIOUS. she looked at me like I was crazy. well i began bleedin 7 days after my expected period. i bled for 2 days then it stopped. then it started again REALLY heavy with huge clots. i usually have my period for three days well it lasted 8 days. i stopped about a week and a half ago now im having cramps as if my period is comin again. Can anyone relate of help me understand whats goin on?-Jessi :'( :-( %-)