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So i am very regular with my period and i have been on birth control for a few months, but now it is April 15 and i have not had a period since March 5th. For the past two weeks i have been very crampy, tired, emotional, and my boobs have been very sore. Friday the 12th i took two test and they both came back with a very faint positive reading.. i then took another test on Sunday the 14th and it was a strong positive. I decided today  would co to the heath department and get a conformation of pregnancy and their urine test said negative. I am so confused right now and im unsure if i am pregnant or not. I would love to know others thoughts on this!



Hi Staci,

Can you go anywhere else? 

Take another test to see what your says and if it is still positive, keep it and bring it back with you to the clinic you went to?  Ask them why you are getting a positive then?

I believe you need a blood test to get a confirmation.  I would say you are too as I got faint positives as well the first time.

Good luck and demand some answers!