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Is it a cyst or just acne... I'm a 16yr old male. For probably the past six months, I've had this reoccurring bump appear on my cheek. It's normally skin colored but then turns a darker red or even blue like a bruise. It will drain and go away, but then come back like 1-2 months later... Several times I have attempted to drain it myself and poke it with a heated needle and it will bleed a pretty good amount. Squeezing only causes more darker blood to come out. Squeezing hard enough causes a sort of whitish red spray or white ooze. I'm just not sure if its bad acne that reappears in the same spot or a cyst. If it is a cyst, must itbe removed or will it go away? And suggestions? I want to rid of it as fast as I can because I have what people call "no self esteem" and just seeing it makes me feel terrible and even more unconfident. This entire time, I've been very stressed, as in crying myself to sleep some nights and breaking it stressed related? Is it a cyst? What should I do?


This sounds like cystic acne. This is very common at your age. I'm a 19 year old female, and i have had cystic acne, and it is slowly going away as i get older.

Cystic acne is hormonal, so it's normal. But one thing you don't want to do is pop them when they are not ready. This will break little blood vessels in your skin and cause bleeding under your skin that will become a bruise.

Only pop them when you see a white head that looks like it could at any time :P (I know it's hard, but if you keep messing with it, it will only get worse)

They can sometimes last for almost a month and they are very annoying. And because they create such a deep crater under your skin, it is possible for it to come back over and over again. But no worries.

What you should probably do is put a dab of benzyl peroxide on it. If you don't have very sensitive skin, i would suggest using 10% BP because this will make it disappear faster. If you apply it right after cleaning your face before bed, you should notice the cyst has significantly decreased in size, and perhaps scabbed over. DO NOT PICK IT lol. Only pick the scab if it is practically peeling off. You don't want to force it. This should really help you out.

Being stressed does cause a lot of hormone changes as well, so this could be contributing. So just hang in there bud you got this!


- Take care! <3