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I had normal period flows up until May when i found out i was pregnant. Normal period in March and a normal period in April. (April heavier than expected though). I am "38" weeks today with a due date of January 24th. Did i conceive in March or April considering i had two normal flows at the end of each month. & did i actually conceive between estimated dates or two weeks prior? i would have got pregnant after my period at the end of april, right?


Hi Guest,

Based on your due date it would be April/May that you conceived.  Your LMP would have been about April 19.  You'd have ovulated between April 30 and May 5 (28 day cycle).  

A normal period in April indicates you weren't pregnant prior.  Yes, you get pregnant after your period - and after you ovulate.  The egg is viable about 48 hours after ovulation, sperm can survive up to about 5 days however.

Hope it helps.