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I am 10 weeks prego and I have a due date of December 13 my LMP was march 10th I had unprotected sex on the march 18th I was at a party and was a lil intoxicated and had sex with my ex, my doc is saying my conception date is march 21 and I did have sex that day but wore protection with my boyfriend who could be the father?


Hi Layla,

There is NO way for your doctor to know EXACTLY when you conceived.

Conception IS NOT immediate.  It can take upwards of 5 days.

You would likely have ovulated sometime between March 21 and 26th.  Sperm can surve about 5 days.  The egg is only viable about 48 hours after ovulation.

Having sex on the 18th COULD get you pregnant, then again, no form of protection is 100% effective either for when you had sex on the 21st.

Odds favor it being the ex, just because of protection with your bf on the 21st.

You'll need a DNA test to know for sure.

Good luck.  Hope it helps.