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When I have an erection my foreskin won't go back over the glans it only goes back a little and the tip of my penis is very sensitive and hurts if something touches it to hard even something like shower water I have tried pulling it back but it's too painful I am 14 and I am wondering if this is normal I have been told that its sensitive because it's not use to being out the foreskin so what should I do I do not want to tell my parents or go to the doctors so what can I do and also when I don't have an erection I can pull back the foreskin but it's not comfortable and the tip is still very sensitive and painful to touch please help 


Hi Guest,

You are NORMAL.

It is not uncommon for you to not be able to retract your foreskin until around age 16 or so.  It is also NORMAL for the glans to be very sensitive.  The foreskin has help protect the nerves and they aren't used to being touched.  In time, they'll become less sensitive.

Work on stretching your foreskin.  Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin OR use your fingers to spread the opening.  Ideally, your foreskin will slide up and down easily when you are erect.

Hope it helps.