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Hello, I need some help! !!!! Please if you don't have anything positive to say do not take the time to post anything ...... well I had an abortion on 01/25/13 I was bleeding for about a week I wonder when should I get my period????? and how can I tell when it's my body going to ovulate??????? Thank you!!!!!



i read your question and as much as we don't like to see that kind of thing we all need answers so here we go :)

it can take anywhere up to around 2 months for you periods to became regular again so no need to freak out also you will no when you ovulate when you experience some crapping about two weeks before your due to get them that is usually  a sign your body is ready to get pregnant but enough about that. when you get your next period count 14 days from their and that's when you are ovulating i hope this helps an huni please be a little more careful next time what ever the case my be.. hope this answered your question.