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hi , last year in october i fell pregnant with twins. sadly at 6 weeks they passed away i tried to misscarry naturally but my only option was to have an abortion surgically at the end of Nov, i developed an infection during this  whole process and had 3 lots of antibiotics in january, i bled  constant from beginning of Nov untill febuary 25th..allowed my body to sort itself out and  me and my partner have just started having intercourse again in last couple of weeks (roughly 2 weeks after i stopped bleeding allowing an egg to take place ) and we want a baby .. what are my chances? i dont know when my next period is due because of bleeding so long ,  so how soon after sex should i do a test?




In general you would ovulate 14 days after the 1st day of your last period. With you that will be very difficult to determine. Normally if you did conceive you would have a positive pregnancy test two weeks after conception. So try to test two weeks after you had sex. If your not pregnant, practice to your hearts content but don't worry about getting pregnant until you have had your next period.

Then count 14 days from the first day of your period then you should ovulate in general for 4 days.