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I had a late term abortion at 23 weeks(please understand that I waited so long because I didn't want to have an abortion but at the same time I knew I could not have a baby with the man I was with). This was on Dec. 16, 2009 and i bled for about two weeks. After that I had spotting on several occasions which led me to believe it was my period, but it was not because it didn't continue to flow. its been ten weeks and still no period I'm getting worried. I had unprotected sex on three occasions but my boyfriend pulled out I don't think I'm pregnant I don't feel pregnant, so what is happening? Why hasn't my period arrived? Is this normal?


I am concerned and I will tell you why!

1. In most areas of the Western world, a late term abortion - after 20 weeks - without the mothers life being in danger - is illegal!!! So I am worried that whomever did this didn't not follow the safest practices! And I am actually surprised that ANY doctor would have done such a late term abortion - because babies are certified Viable at 24 weeks!!!! So this CONCERNS me BIG time that he/she was breaking the law!

2. That due to the late late term abortion you have had complications that haven't shown their faces yet!

3. That you have continued to have unprotected sex, thus taken the chance of becoming pregnant so quickly after the abortion - and that when ANY procedure has been done OR a birth, you are MUCH MORE likely to become pregnant!!!

You will need to take a pregnancy test! And the rresults ALL depend on WHEN and of course IF you became pregnant!

Could you address WHY someone would give you such a late term abortion!?


The clinic that I went to for the procedure allow abortion procedures up to the 23rd week. Once you reach 24 weeks they will not do it. Once it is past 24 weeks, they consider it illegal. This clinic i went to is completely legit.

But my concern is whether or not I'm pregnant now. Like I said before I don't feel pregnant but I'm just concerned as to why my period isn't here and when I should be expecting if in fact I'm not pregnant. I don't want to go to a doctor because Id be too ashamed to expalin what I did, so I'm hoping someone here will tell me they've gone through something similar.


I really need you to go and get a pregnancy test! I REALLY think that you ARE pregnant! OR there is something MAJOR going on! Like I said earlier I am TOTALLY TOTALLY concerned about how late you were with this abortion! The baby was fully formed and almost viable! I think the clinic did wrong by you to put your life in SUCH danger with this! BUT anyways what is done is done! And also I am Pro-choice so don't think I'm going on a tirade about abortion etc, I am NOT! I am just concerned about you that is ALL!

So here is what might have happened

1. There is remaining tissue that is causing your hormones to be out of whack! - basically still thinking you are pregnant!
2. There is remaining tissue causing something to start being infected - thus stoping your period
3. You ARE pregnant again - because once you are "pregnant" then your hormone levels are VERY high and can easily get pregnant again!
4. When they did the operation they did something - due to you saying it was a legit clinic, this is less likely!
5. Do to the late term abortion, it is just taking longer for your body to get back into sync!

So you really need to start getting questions answered, and take a test! you wont find out any other way!