Hey ladies I had the same problem as you guys. My sexual history isn't long but I did wind up getting BV and had to deal with it for a while because I had no insurance to see my obgyn. Eventually got that taken care of and everything was ok. The doctor prescribed Metronidazole vaginal gel but I noticed white clumpy discharge after taking the gel. It eventually went away with Rephresh vaginal gel for ph balance. A little while ago I noticed that same clumpy white discharge again. Long story short after a clean pap smear, a negative pregnancy test, and several failed yeast infection medications later I chalked it up to a combination of things that I got careless with. I'm currently on oral birth control and have been for a while. When the discharge started I was taking vitamins to strengthen my hair skin and nails and was adding more yogurt to my diet. That combination through my body and hormones off completely and that embarrassing discharge popped up. I detoxed for 7 days to get the vitamin out of my system and started taking probiotics specifically for vaginal health and haven't had the discharge since. Fingers crossed it'll stay away but this worked for me. Watch your diet and the vitamins you take especially if you are on any kind of birth control. Good luck ladies and I hope this helps but please talk to your doctor if your not sure what caused the discharge, it might be hormones it might be something else.