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irregular vaginal mucus discharge - hello im 16yrs old, I'll be 17 in two months. I'm sexually active, I had my period in October either the beginning or or middle , it seemed normal. Recently I've been having the SNOT like MUCUS DISCHARGE. Kinda yellowish , foggy or clear. Today I though I started my period because I felt it coming out of me im gonna make an appointment ASAP didn't know if anyone knew what this could possibly be or why its happening, I've never had ANYTHING like this happen befor. 


Hi there

You probably have a vaginal infection. If it is frothy, yellow or greenish - you may have pain and itching while urinating as well. In this case it is Trichomoniasis infection. If it is white cheesy and clumpy it is a yeast infection. There are several other types of infection, suggest you visit a doctor ASAP and get proper evaluated.

This is sexually transmitted illness, which means both you and your partner need treatment. Good luck