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I've been sick for about 5 days now and the conditions seem to be getting worst. At first i thought it was just a normal sore throat, then i had a slight headache, but after that my throat started to hurt more. Today i realized that blood started to come out along with my flem and I'm worried about what it could be and if it's absolutely necessary to see a doctor.


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Bloody flem is common with a cold, I also had it. It started with feelings of fatigue, extreme headache, loss of energy and interest of anything else but bed and lying in bed was the only time when I had no headache.

Luckily I had no sore throat, only headaches and nose and breathing problems, and three days after it all started I started coughing bloody mucus. It was not just blood, it were more like bloody traces so I though nothing of it and it went away as soon as the cough was gone.

If your blood is excessive, then maybe you should see a doc. Conditions like bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis and other bacterial or viral infection in the lungs or airways may also cause bloody coughings.