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Ok so on the 9/03/2012 i started to take the pill. i took it everyday but not at the same time. Then on the 16/03/2012 and the 17/03/2012 i hax unprotected sex with a friend. On the 23/04/2012 i came on my period. I got back with y boyfriend on the 1/04/2012 and we have had sex since. I took a test on monday which was the 23/04/2012 and it says in 3+ weeks pregnant. But im not 100% who the father could be and im really worried. can some one help?


Hi Emma,

Clarify something, you said you came on your period on the 23rd of April?  Or do you mean 23rd of March?

Assuming you meant March, and the period was "normal" it would be unlikely you were pregnant then.  The timing would not be good, having sex a week before your period, for one thing.

What test are you using?