First off, please no rude comments, I need advice. I'm 21 and... I'm not entirely certain who the father of my unborn child is. I went from one relationship to the next within like 2-3 weeks. My first day of my LMP was Feb. 10. And I've never done very well at tracking my cycles. I was in a relationship with a redhead (to help distingush between the two) and we last had sex around February 21st- unprotected (pullout method). I met the curly haired man at a bar and we hooked up on March 7th- and I believe it was unprotected.. but I don't really recall. (Please don't judge). We began seeing one another until I found out he was older (35) had a drug problem (cocaine) and was a raging alcoholic. I tested positive in May and automatically assumed it was the curly haired man's child. I informed him off the pregnancy and he was actually really excited. He already has a seven year old boy (who he pees in the SAME toilet with AT THE SAME TIME ) who is awful... and he has full custody. I went in for my first US on June 3rd and they told me I was 16w1d. Making me believe the child was ACTUALLY the redheads. I told the curly haired man it was not his baby and he flipped out and quit his job and spiraled (real mature). I also informed the redhead that he was expecting a baby boy on November 17th. He wasn't too excited but he has really stepped up. My next US (July 3rd) the doctor told me I was probably even further along than they thought- by about 4 days. I went in for a 3D US on August 12th and tech said my baby had more fat on his face than he should for being 25w4d and again, I was likely further along than was thought. All conclusive with redhead as the father. All signs point to redhead being the father. However! I was reading that typically, the date of conception is mid-cycle. And that puts curly haired as the dad... and it is eating me alive! I know I need to get a paternity test, but I don't think I can put my baby through that. The curly haired man is not a good father or even a good person.. if it did wind up that redhead is not the father, I don't think I would ever tell the curly haired man because he would want to have WAY TOO MUCH involvement. But I don't think it's fair to put redhead through a whole pregnancy with him thinking he is the father and then my baby is born with blonde curly hair.. We don't have the money for a paternity test. And again, I would never tell curly hair it was his baby. But I should tell redhead that there is a very small chance it isn't his. I just don't have the heart... and advice on how to go about doing so would be greatly appreciated! My gut says it's the redheads. And mother's intuition, ya know? But I can't get this picture of the curly hair man's baby out of my mind :( Please help.