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I recently found out that i am pregnant. I know who the father of my unborn child is but i want to make 100% sure. I dated guyA for a few months and we broke up in March. The last time we had sex was on 18 March and i had my period beginning March. I got back together with my ex a month later. The last time we had sex was on 16th April and my last period was  on 4th April. I had a scan done two weeks ago which shows i am 7weeks 2days. I am questioning myself because my ex thought he could not have any kids. Can i go on the scan date to estimate the month of conception because of it was guyA then i would have to be 4 weeks further along. I really want this to be my ex's child. Please help? 


Hi guest,

Ultrasound dating is just an ESTIMATE.  No one can tell exactly when you conceived.  But, it is also unlikely that it is a month off.

Since you know when your last period started, if it was NORMAL - as in like your others, then it is highly UNLIKELY that you were pregnant before then.

Your ex is the likely father. 

Why does he think he could not have kids?  Did he ever have a semen analysis performed?




Hi Medic dan,

No he did not have a screening done but his ex girlfriends have kids before and after him and he said they never used protection hence me not worrying about it either. He is also diabetic but is alot more health concious now than back them. My period in April was normal as far as i can remember same trend.

I think i had implantation cramps in may as it was strong period pains without a period so i doubt it is the march guy. i had another ultrasound two weeks after the first one as mentioned in my initial post and it said 9w3d so pretty much lines up to conception in April.

Please give your final thoughts on the matter?