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Hi, I have a question. I found an air bubble in my insulin pen. Is this a bad thing? I know when I've gone to the doctors and had to get a shot they turn the hypodermic syringe around and tap it to get bubbles out but I never really understood that. I guess the bubbles end up in your blood stream. If they do what happens then? You know I never paid attention to my insulin pen before but I just happened to notice it this time. Can anyone tell me anything about this. Any info would be appreciated. Many thanks.


Hello, Having air bubbles in your insulin pen is not a good thing but overly this will not hurt you. A lot of people don't check their pens before they inject. Chances are there's on a few small bubbles and that's not going to cause an emoblism. It takes quite a lot of big bubbles to do that. The instructions that come with your insulin pen tell you to remove the bubbles but in reality that's just a precaution. You've probably seen a lot of doctors/nurses sit coms on TV where they tap the syringe before they give a shot and are thinking its absolutely necessary to do this. Remember, those are television programs and they don't always get their science right. However, if it makes you feel better go ahead and tap your insulin pen and get those bubbles to come out if it bothers you. I know when I got my first insulin pen I wanted to do everything just right so I followed the instructions to a tee. I think I asked the same question way back when on a forum and everyone told me not to worry. I later asked my diabetes manager and she said the same thing. So, you really don't have anything to worry about. By the way, how do you like using an insulin pen? I think they are really convenient and easy to work with. How about you?