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Me and my bf have been having sex for about 5 months in our relationship.
He doesn't cum during sex only when he jacks himself off
before i didn't really mind now its really getting to me
i tried jacking him off and performing oral on him
he tells me it feels great but he doesn't cum
i just don't know what to do anymore
we have sex for a long period of time until i cum
and i cum numerous times
and i try to keep going to try and make him cum
but i become to tired later on
he says the only way for him to cum is to masturbate
what can or should i do to make him cum
im starting to feel like its my fault


Hold it.
Why is his sexual climax suddenly YOUR responsiblity or fault?

Do you take responsibility for his health?
Do you do guilt when he gets sick?
Do you feel responsible when he has to urinate?
Or when he feels thirsty?

HE is responsible for his own sexual performance and satisfaction.

He has told you that he gets off by jacking off during or after sex with you.
Is he complaining? No. Is he satisfied? Yes. At least, he says he gets satisfaction, right?

So, you would like him to come with or inside you, right?

Men who have sex for shorter duration, tend to feel more before they get numb in the penis.

Men who go without sex for about two weeks tend to come faster and sooner than men who have sex everyday.

If you want to see a change in his sexual response, talk with him about it and ask him to change his pattern of sexual expression. Ask him to "save it up for you", maybe just for a week at first, and see if he doesn't come pretty darn quick inside you.

Now, you may require more stimulation, or hand stimulation to follow up after he gets off, but you may find you can invite him to come sooner IN you.

But it's really up to him. ;-)


I wouldn't worry, it takes some doing, I had this problem with my girlfriend, I don't think she minded but I knew eventually it would get to her... so I tried my best and now I can cum during sex, though it takes a while. I find it's so much better when she's on top (just a tip. not everyone will).

Also she only recently managed to make me cum via a ha****b. It wasn't her fault, since we're both relatively inexperienced, so I kind of "guided her hand" as it were and I was able to (again after quite a while, it takes time). Pressure is important in a ha****b, because before she wasn't holding it tight enough so it felt amazing but I couldn't get off on it.

Hope this helps =D


my girlfriend has this problem cuz i masturbate so much i feel like c**p cuz then she thinks shes not doing it right but honestly its jus cuz i know exactly how to do it that i can get myself off she'll give me head till ive got hickies down there and beat me off till its bright red but i just dont know why i cant cum usually if she gets me turned on all day and jerks me on and off i can cum and its alot of jizz but i feel bad that i cant make myself it takes quite a bit of teaseing first


This disorder is called idiosyncratic mastubatory pattern