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Why are the reference range for WBC counts higher in infants compared to the WBC count in adults? and why does it decrease as the babies grow older?

And are the neutrophil% and lymph% compared to adults?

(I've tried looking it up, but it only states the reference ranges and that it is normal for newborns, there is no explanation behind it.)


White blood cells are one component of blood together with red blood cells, platelets and plasma. White blood cells are responsible for responding to infections of all types because they are fighting the intruders which are trying to attack our organism or our child’s organism.

Total white blood cell counts are similar for children and adults but newborns have raised white blood cells ranges. The level of this range is approaching normal adult levels and this is only happening two weeks after birth. White blood cells counts are part of a complete blood count which is usually the first test your doctor is going to order if your child is feeling unwell.

This is everything I could find when I was trying to find out more about all this matter. If you have some additional information regarding your questions continue to share because for some reason there are no explanations for so many things and the doctors are always to busy to answer on our questions and concerns.