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What are the following tests, testing for?

CBC, Protime, 2 units PRBC's, URINALYSIS, Urine C&S , if WBC greater then 5/HPF or Nitrate+, or + Bacteria.

I am going in for a hip resurfacing surgery in two weeks and these are the lab test they are ordering. Just curious as to what all they are.

Thank you,


I guess I can help with a little bit..

CBC- is a complete blood count that tests platelets, white and red blood cell counts. If you are low or high in any of these areas then it is usually bad to perform surgery.

The urine tests are to make sure that there is nothing going wrong in the body in general. Its just a good general test to make sure that things are "working out ok" For instance if you have blood in your urine (more than is normal) you may have a kidney stone etc.

The Protime is the time it takes for your blood to clot. Obviously needed to be a reasonable time if you're having surgery.

The PBRC is a packed red blood cell test and it makes sure your body is not anemic and not deprived of oxygen. The 2 units is equivalent to the amount of blood 2 units is approximately 900 mL of blood.

The WBC is the white blood count which is apart of your CBC your complete blood count, if it is high they are testing for nitrates and bacteria which could also be bad for surgery.

These are all really common tests and are often given to people before surgery. Good luck! I hope you get better soon!