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I am really scared and I need advice. I have problems with hairy legs and I pull hair with this special “machine”. But lately in a inner side (in a flexure) of thigh lymph gland is swollen, at least I believe my inner thigh lymph gland is swollen. Could this be because of the way I shave my legs?


I don’t think the way you shave your legs is the cause for a inner thigh lymph gland to be swollen. Perhaps you hair is not growing through your skin and that might be a reason for swollen lymph gland, but I really do not think that is the reason. I cannot answer why exactly would a inner thigh lymph gland be swollen on a female, the reasons are different. It might be cancer- the option should never be excluded. I know people with carcinogenic swollen inner thigh lymph gland can remove it with a surgery and some patients say it is a very painful surgery, which eventually improved their lives.
Hope I helped.