Two months ago suddenly overnight both of my lymph node glands in my groin area became huge and swollen and very tender. I went to my Doctor right away who ran a metabolic panel. Everything came back normal.(no sign of infection, etc.) He sent me on to a specialist (surgeon) who I saw within a couple weeks. Meanwhile the swelliing began to go away. I spoke with the surgeon who decided to put me on an anitbiotic. The reason being that I had recently picked up a stray kitten from an alley who had scratched me on several different occasions on my upper thigh and cat scratch fever was a possibility. I revisited him in a week and he stated that while he saw more improvement the node on the right still had some swelling(about the size of a pea) and he recommended a biopsy (complete removal of the node). The problem is I have no insurance, I have already spent over 1,000.00 in Doctor visits already. The surgery will run over 15,000.00. My question is how necessary is it that I have this surgery? Is there another way to determine or rule out the possiblity of lymphoma (which by the way other then the swollen lymph nodes which came on suddenly and have since almost receded to nothing I have had no other symptoms or swelling any where else.) I would love to do the surgery for the peace of mind, but spending 15,000.00 which I don't have to probably find out it was cat scratch fever is a little over the top. What do you recommend?