In the past 4 months ive been under a lot of stress, as i have worked in selling. I was on zoloft and clozapine for my obsessive compulsive disoerder and its made me feel great for about 7 years. Ive been drinking on these and still felt great. Now on the 1st of january i went to amsterdam and smoked a huge joint of hash by myself. Since then I fell like hell. Either my hand goes numb, or my brains hurts or i get tension headaches. my heart skips a beat from time to time and i also get heartburns. I think i also developed sleep apnea, as i wake up unable to swallow, or with my right hand numb and panicked. I did an eeg, ekg, checked my lungs, had my blood tests. They were all fine. so i guess theres something wrong with my brain. do you think i should do an MRI?Will i be ok. Thnaks a lot.