Hi, I'm 25, I've been smoking weed everyday for around 7-8 years now. I've been smoking around 1-4 grams daily, sometimes with friends, but mostly alone.

I've become very dependent because it helped me sleep and made me escape reality and also increased my appetite. I also have depression and anxiety problems. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when I was 18. The Bi-polar diagnosis turned out to be wrong because it was my 1st diagnosis and I was only 18. With the years, they found that I have Borderline Personality Disorder.

I recently quit all my meds (I was on low doses of Seroquel and Mirtazapine). I quit about a month 1/2 ago because i was tired of drugs, i find that meds aren't better than any other drug, i just want to be clean. I also quit smoking weed cold turkey 3 weeks after. I don't really have cravings, i mostly have withdrawal symptoms.

I met this amazing girl and we fell in love, she really helps me get through this, i couldn't do it without her. But I'm still having withdrawals symptoms, i've been having nightmares for the 1st week of quitting, waking up sweating like crazy and feeling scared and depressed, and it was very unsettling.

I have some anxiety but not as much as I would've expected. I'm feeling very depressed, irritable and I get angry easily. It's almost been 2 weeks now, the symptoms are slowly going away, but it seems that the depression isn't going down. I don't want to go back on meds to cure my depression.

How long will I have to deal with this? And what can I do to speed things up? It feels like it's taking forever. But I guess that once spring and summer comes, i'll start feeling better. hopefully.

Joey :-)

Good Luck To Everyone!