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For the past three years, every time I smoke weed, I become extremely anxious and depressed. 

I always feel worthless, anxious, and extremely sad after I smoke - my mind produces really negative thoughts about my life, beliefs, self- image, as if all that I am and say is worthless. 

I feel this way even when I smoke around people who I am comfortable with. 

When I was in high school, I used to smoke weed on a frequent basis and feel so happy, calm and relaxed.

All I want is that feeling again. 

Does any one know how I can feel good again when smoking?

It's strange - even when I THINK about smoking I get that anxious feeling!

Please help me out.


Your body has homeostasis. Your hormones are all in balance.
When you smoke weed, it rewards your brain and brings on "good feelings" 
Though, your body recognizes that your recieveing too much of that "good feeling" 
and tries to cut that down by adding chemicals.

so lets say before you smoke weed 
your homeostatis was this line
It's straight. It's proportionate. It's healthy. 


After you smoke weed your line may look like this    
Your high, your feeling good. 
And your body notices that it has to bring that level down to normal.
 It starts to produces chemicals to try and bring you back to
 its normal state but instead, brings you lower 
 (depression, anxiety, not so good feelings)

         ----           -----
. -----                       ----

your line now looks like this

Now your body is used to being that way. And the more you smoke,
 the more you build tolerance and addiction.
You body is stuck below normal homeostatis. 
And everytime you smoke, the "good feeling"
 is not as good as when you started smoking.
Though, your body STILL adds the same amount of chemicals
 to try and bring you back to a normal state. 

So your line is now already starting low, it goes up a tiny bit 
when you smoke, and then goes lower than before you smoked. 
The line just keeps getting lower and lower.
 Most depression and suicide is linked to drugs. : 

I know this isn't a very technical response,
 but it was what was taught to me.
 It helped me understand that smoking weed (or doing any other drug) 
will only bring me down. 

This response is coming from a previous heavy weed smoker.
Your not going to get that same feeling you had in high school.
 It will only get worse if you keep smoking. Kick the habit (;


damnit my lines keep moving to the right, instead of spacing out :((((