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I am not sure if anyone will read this but I want to say thank you to perfect angel and everyone else who has read and posted a reply. I have a herniated disc in my lower spine which causes me imense pain; I am too youg to have an op to try and make things better so they have me on cocodamol 30/500mg I started out on them about four years ago taking two every four hours up to eight tablets per day and the pain melted away like magic, I then collapsed at home and was rushed into hospital after four days of nil by mouth and intravenus fed pain relief plus antibiotics they sent me home with a diagnosis of Diverticular, again something that causes huge amounts of abdominal pain and very badly upset stomaches, so now I have a bad back and a retched stomache that makes life hell on earth, the pain killers went up to three every four hours and again the pains in both my spine and tummy were under control; I never once thought that I was getting addicted to them and believed I could stop taking them any time I wanted to in fact I would deliberately go a full day without any just to make sure. I recently (last week) went back to work and picked up a chest infection which has hung on in a big way, during last week I ran out of cocodamol and put in a repeat request with the surgery thinking it wont do me any harm to have a couple of days rest off them as my back is not hurting too badly right now, oh my god was I ever hit by a runaway train; I took the last three tablets last wednesday morning before going to work to try and get the chest infection to go away enough to allow me to do my job, even that is wrong because they have no affect on things like chest infections so I should have seen what was coming but I did not. The real problems started on Thursday morning about twenty four hours after taking the last three pills, I could not understand why I was so cold, why I was pouring gallons of sweat or why my head was pounding, I do not suffer headaches since I grew out of migraine in my teens, so to have a constant one was really quite scary, my eyes feel as though they are about to burst , my back muscles ache as though I have flu in fact every joint and muscle aches as though I have flu, I keep yawning, feeling really sick and have the runs just as bad. I know I am near the benchmark 72 hours now but until reading this had no idea what it was I was experiencing. I had some idea as I would not have typed in withdrawl symtoms of cocodamol would I? It was not until I read This blog that I realised that I had inadvertantly upped the dosage to four every four hopurs and had become dependant on the damn things, sneeky or what!!! right now I am trying to get some porrige down me my stomache is not taking to it well, I need the toilet again and I have just phoned my husband at work to tell him I finally know what is wrong with me, he is the most supportive man in the universe so along with thanking everyone on here I thank god I have him because he will be my rock until I kick this thing to the kerb. Take care everyone, I hope you are all being strong at that you will all be well and happy again very soon X


It was very emotional reading this and it has only just hit home to me im addicted to codine i have 10 to 12 30/500 a day and have done for 8 years now.

Every time i ring for a repeat prescription i have another excuse as to why i need them. I am a mum of 3 children and i have a lovely supporting husband, but i still cant imagine living a day with out codine in my system (how sad)!!!!!!!

but this peice has give me the umph to go tell my doctors its enough im only 27 and i want to live long and healthy for my family xxx

Good luck to any one who is going through this and withdrawals xxxx


hi can anyone please tell me if one of the side effects of Co-codamol 30/500 is an increase in wieght as ive been taking them for months now and i have put on a couple of stone cheers


Hi, I wrote my first message here in September 2010, I now want to say that I have done it, I have kicked the pills to the kerb and I am free at last. It was hard work, it was awful, painful and I had really bad thoughts about where my life was going or rather when it was going to end. I am a fit and happy woman again and the only pain relief I take for my herniated back is a 'tens' machine; it does not last as long as the pills so I have to have it on a few times a day, but I cannot get addicted to it and that is the beautiful thing about it. The other benefits of coming off those damn pills; my love life has kicked in again and my body is responding to lovemaking the way it should so very happy hubby, I have lost about a stone and a half in the last eight weeks bonus or what!! it is fantastic to be back wearing a size 8 in jeans, so it is all good, I have also talked to my GP about it all and she has thanked me for my frankness and honesty, it is on my records now for all to see when they look that I was addicted to painkillers, which means that under no circumstances will they give them to me again thank god!
If you are still doing battle with co-codamol, or any pain killers, keep at it and do not let it get the better of you, you are better than that and you deserve to be free again.



just trying to go cold turkey after 18 months of 8-20 a day cocod at 30/500.

my body is in terrific pain from head to toe?????

i feel sick/all out of sorts and quite confused and frightened-i was passing blood fri when i stopped taking them and have frightened myself on the internet trying to search why i am like this?

i saw the gp today as an extra who said come back in a week >>??? i feel as though my stomack is crushing and cannot get to sleep i am getting up all hours to go to the toilet -but gp said quite normal and just drink plenty of water-little support at all -i feel as thought he's laughing at me -the real reason i think i liked these tablets was because really i was suffering with depression but just didnt want to admit it!

but i feel as though i am at my wits end and am trying my god damn best to stay off the killers!

so--any help would be grateful/advice to keep me going?????

merthyr girl!


Im glad i found this inspirational thread. Ive realised im not the only one who has this addiction to co-codeamol.
Ive been takin 30/500 co-codeamol for 4 years, originally for back pain, and then I found myself taking more and more even when the pain wasnt there.
When i use to get my month supply off the doc, i use to run out of them early so i use to make up excuses that I was going away on holiday so I could get some more tablets earlier. I then started to buy 8/500 over the counter, and use to take about on average 15 a day plus my strong ones off doc. If i didnt have any strong ones, I would even take a whole box of the over the counter co-codeamol in one day. Just to get the "desired feeling".
Over the past several months, me and my partner havent been getting on because my addiction was getting out of control. It was causing problems in our relationship. I just didnt care about anything but taking these tablets. They controlled my life. I admitted i had a problem to my other half and i did promise that i would cut down, but then i found id cut down for afew days but then i started topping up again and thats when the lies started. If i went into town for something on my day off work whilst my partner was at work id go to about 4 chemists to top up my supplies, and then hide them in the house!! id also, keep loose pills in my pocket before my partner came in from work, so i could sneakly take them on top of the pills my partner seen me popping out of the pack!! id also get up during the night and pop afew more.

Over the last few weeks I really did realise that i was going to lose the love of my life, and i knew i seriously had to do something about it.
So on the 14/11/2010 i came clean about everything including all the lies etc. My partner was an emotional wreck, as she didnt realised how bad my addiction was. She knew i was addicted but didnt no how bad i seriously was. I really broke her heart, and thats when i knew it was 'Cold Turkey' time!!

On day 2 (16/11/2010) of my Cold Turkey i did cave in because i was craving for them. I managed to sweet talk her into giving 4 8/500 co-codeamol tablets as I was aching all over despite her not wanting to.

I felt so bad, i did genuinely feel awfull as i knew it was hurting her, because these tablets have caused us to row so many times.

So on 17/11/2010 i started my Cold Turkey again determined to do this once and for all. It was something I had to do for myself!

Day 1 and 2 of CT I was constantly runnin to the loo, i couldnt eat anything, headaches, at night time when i went to bed i couldnt sleep/relax because my legs were aching/restless, so i got up and watched tv in livingroom with a hot waterbottle on my legs, and suffering with flu symptoms ie sneezing, blocked nose and general aches and pains.

Day 3 (19/11/2010) - still suffering with the same symptoms but by this time I was really craving for some pills but i resisted.

Day 4 (20/11/2010)- Me and my partner had a HUGE row as my cravings at this point were bad, but she refused to give me any pills what she had in her handbag because she took them off me. With the cravings, lack of sleep and aches I wasnt the nicest person to be around with to be honest. So with the tough love from my partner at this pint I was still 'pill free'.

Day 5 (21/11/10) - Still had the same symptoms but they was wearing off a little ie the headaches etc, and i reflected on the previous days row with my partner, and felt really bad. So i grabbed her bag, took the pills went to the bathroom, and popped every pill out of the packets and through them into the toilet and flushed them away with my partner watching! I felt sooooo good when i did it!! I knew then these lil pills werent going to defeat me. Im better then them! I dont even need them.
I slept better that night too, it took a little longer to drift off but i managed to get 7hrs kip....bonus. Legs were aching abit but not as much as the previous nights.

Day 6 (TODAY) - Im feeling alot better with myself and I havent craved for the tablets once!! I think i was craving for them before because I knew they were in the house, so flushing them down the toilet was the best thing I did. Ive kept myself busy today, cleaned the house, watched tv, and managed to eat a proper meal what i cooked (home made stew yummy) lol (what a way to spend a weeks hol off work aye lol but I think its the best time to do it). I also noticed me and my partner have been getting on abit better now having a laugh etc instead of me just thinking ooooo i want some more pills.
So I reckon I will get a good nights sleep tonight fingers crossed! However im still flammin sneezing I thought i was allergic to our new xmas tree but reading posts on here its just a withdrawal symptom.

I was suppose to get my perscription off doctor friday (19/11/2010) for my months supply of 30/500 co-codeamol but i never went as i dont want them no more.

I just want to say reading this thread has made me more determined to do this, and ive seeked great comfort in reading other peoples experiences.
Day 6 of my cold turkey and I am proud of myself and I know it isnt over yet n it hasnt been easy, but i know im strong enough to do this.
I do suggest one thing.....DO NOT have any pills in your house because you will crave for them knowing they are there. For me weaning myself off them did not work at all so thats why im going for it. Cold Turkey for me is the only way forward out of this mess ive put myself in.

Im phoning my docs tomorrow for a evening appointment this week, so I can tell them to completely take me off my perscribe co-codeamol tablets and my partner is coming with me as now i have to build my trust back up with her, and I want to show her she means more to me them these stupid pills.

I applaud all those who have beaten this addiction, and to those who are struggling still keep it up! You can do this.....dont let these tablets ruin your life. They seriously arent worth it.

I will update this thread again during the week as i will be going into my 2nd week of cold turkey. I just cant wait for this to all end now, and I will never ever look at another co-codeamol pill in my life again.


can anyone who has posted any comments on here please contact me? i need help on withdrawing and have no one to talk to whatsoever.

thankyou xxx


I have read the replies in this forum and have found them so helpful, I too am addicted to Cocodamols but I have gradually cut myself down to a few a day, I have also changed to the lower dosage of 8/500g but as I know I am still taking these painkillers, I'm trying to wean myself off them for good... I know that I have had aches and pains and flu-like symptoms but I dont want to just stop taking them and gradually get off them instead.

Thank you to all the people who have wrote their experiences and I admire you all, you have been of great help to me in understanding what and why we go through all the emotions and feelings we go through whilst stopping taking Cocodamols.


hey, im chris, 20 from scotland...recently found out i have crohns disease! currently on a whack of meds including ...30/500 cocodomol for the pain! i think im gettin addicted but i dont know?? everynight before bed i take a few, jus to get that feeling thats ure bodys weak and ure so chilled out?? im i addicted??


Have a look at this - its a FREE withdrawl program from a guy in Scotland - it does really work, it did for me anyway

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Hello Karren, I am hooked on Tramadol and have been for 9 years due to a Back injury. Today i went to my doctor and told him they was'nt working because of 9 years useage. He has put me on 30/500 AND thanks to your post i will be very careful with them. I know the withdrawl is evil ! cold sweats Moody its hell ! stopping smoking is easy compeard to this !
My heart and Prayers go out to you Karren. Exercise and a GOOD Vitiman is my tip, pluss plenty of Water. Bless you, and keep up the good work ! your doing GREAT !! :-D


Hi everyone - I thought I would share my story with you in the hope it may help someone get through this. Those who have posted on here really do help others like me to get over this addiction. I read these forums every day just to take solace in the fact that the symptoms I have will go.

I have been taking 30/500's now for about 4 years. The last years 6 a day religiously. Like so many others they gave me a sense of calm, slight light headedness they also gave me confidence, which sounds weird. It would seem like I could not go into a big meeting without taking some. I know my time on these tablets have ruined my personality. I nearly split up with my wife, I pushed my family away and I became a an "A Hole" to pretty much everyone.

On Thursday the 20th I forgot to take my tabs to work. At first I panicked, I then thought to myself, you know what, today is the day i stop being an "A Hole"

Now having read lots of posts, going cold turkey CAN be dangerous, I don't fully understand why, but it can. To be honest, if i had known on the 20th i would not have made a difference to my choice. It was cold turkey or nothing. Thursday was not too bad until about 15:00. I had actually stopped taking the tab's the previous night at about 18:00, so I was coming up to 24 hours clean. this is when the pains in the legs started. Awful throbbing pain, like a tooth ache in your legs. For me it was below the knee in each leg and more in my calves. I don't want to scare people into not doing this, but you need to know what's going to happen and how to deal with it. Take it from me. NOTHING legal, other than the Codeine is going to take this pain away. So don't bother with the Nurofen, you need to suck it up. Keep coming back here and reading peoples posts, get help of a loved one, family, colleague, whatever it takes. Call Frank (if your in the UK) or NHS direct, do anything just to get that reassuring voice that the pain will go, because it will.

On that Thursday my back ached too, like I had been kicked in the kidneys, that only lasted for a few hours. I had a bit of a headache, but nothing too bad. By 17:00 i was ready to leave work. Good job too, i was having difficulty concentrating and my eye sight when a bit blurred, i had to concentrate to focus on stuff and i just felt out of it. It WAS manageable though. My advice would be phone in sick on the first day and say you have flu, cos to the normal person on the street, that's what it looks like.

At the station on the way home I saw a Paramedic. I kind of grabbed him and told him of my situation. He (whoever he was) was the person that got me clean really. I told him the situation and what i was feeling. he told me initially to ween myself off but I was firm that cold turkey was the way to go. He then explained how long the process would take and how I would feel. he told me i was doing the right thing. That man, who's name I dont know and that I only spoke to for 5 mins was the man that insured I was gonna see this through.

That night the upset stomach started. Not really bad, but bad enough. This lasted for a total of 3 days. My legs by this point were killing, the only thing that could take the pain away were in my cupboard. that was not an option. I got rid of them down the toilet. I burst out crying a couple of times that night which was pretty random. That only happened twice. I went through a short period of goose bumps and feeling cold. then at about 23:00 the sniff started. I felt like a true junky by this point.

2 hours sleep that night. For me the lack of sleep is a killer. Make sure you have a hot water bottle. Keep that on your legs, it will help a little, especially as the pain lessens. Keep hydrated. Please do this, it really does help. Drink 2 litres a day, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT. Get Cod Liver Oil Tabs, get the Centrum Multi Vits, the performance ones. Yes they cost a lot, just get them, these will help your body recover quicker in the long run. You need to start loving yourself again. Start drinking the water now.

Friday I had regained the vision and I was not confused. I was not even tired, my legs were still hurting. I got through Friday. It was painful, but I done it. Stomach was still bad, legs were still hurting by the evening. Another 2 hours sleep that night.

Day three and I craved the tabs. Anything to give me half hour break from the pain in the legs. thing was I had chucked the tabs :-) So tough luck. suck it up. You can do it. Just think, a couple more days and your pain free.

Saturday, although the pain in my legs continued the upset stomach stopped. I did start to sneeze and that is still happening to this day. One noticeable thing though. I now felt alert, even happy, i felt as though I did not know the person in this skin. I still feel like it today. Its like my eyes are wide open. very strange feeling, a good one, but strange.

I got through the day, have a hot bath. i wish i had done this earlier. i actually fell asleep in the HOT bath for about an hour. the pain returned when I got out, but it was a nice break. Get some Kalms - a natural sleeping aid. Not sure if they helped at all, but I will try anything thats not going to harm you.

Sunday I got about 4 hours sleep. Pain still there but nowhere near as bad as it had been. keep going. DRINK THAT WATER. You now close to the end.

Monday, so day 4 - Pain still there, but you are now used to it. Yes it causes some discomfort, but really nothing that you can handle. I feel less bloated now, like I had water retention in my hands etc, they just feel looser. i had slight pain up until the point I fell asleep at 21:00, OH YES, i fell asleep. the alarm woke me at 06:00. Pain free.

Completely pain free Tuesday (today) - its now 22:30 and I will be heading to bed soon. You will find evenings are the worse for pain. Especially when you try and sleep. just now I can feel a tiny bit of an ache in my ankles, nothing that will stop me from sleeping.

Still sleep with your legs wrapped up or with a bottle. It will help.

So that me - you people can do it. Was it tough? Yeah, the only thing i can liken it too is giving up smoking. But your trying to give it up and get over the cravings in a week rather than months. It was tougher than giving up the cigs. the positive thing is, and especially for me, and it seems most of the other people on here, within a week of not taking them you will be over the worse. everything from her on in is easy!!!

Good luck everyone - I hope I help at least someone, like those before me have helped me :-)


im not generally a very addictive person, things come and go easily for me...or so i thought until i met mr co-codomal a couple of years ago,
now i can take up to 8 30/500 everyday, but because i never go over the exceeded dose i never thought i was addicted!!
when iv not got any tablets left i dont get aches n pains or bad moods i just wait till the next time iv got some then start taking them again!!
so why cant i just say no and not get them again? i must be addicted musn't i?? im confused i know i shouldnt take them but i cant help it when iv got them within reach.


could anyon tell me how to do the cwe


what is cwe?