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ok here it is i had oral sex with my gf but my penis was not near her vagina at all , but i did explode in her mouth n i did fingered her . but now she is late with her period and i may worried if she get pregnant . well can she


Hello hello J, I don’t think there is anything you should be worried about. There is absolutely no way your girlfriend can get pregnant that way. I mean, the only way for her to get pregnant is if you penetrate inside of her and then “explode”. Getting pregnant any other way is borderline impossible , and in your case completely impossible. You should use some protection next time you have sex because you don’t want to be worried after every intercourse. Use condoms or even better, birth control pills.

Other factors like medicine, anxiety, stress and flu can also affect the cycle easily. Tell your girlfriend that she needs to consider taking BC pills because of two reasons. First one is protection against unwanted pregnancy and the second one is that while on these pills her period will get regular.