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well, lately i've been scared that i have hiv. im just not sure.

the girl who i had unprotected sex with's exboyfriend supposedly has hiv. im not sure if this is true because its all rumors and he claims he doesnt. BUT, they only had oral sex. (she performed it on him) if i understand correctly, there is less of a chance of her getting it from oral...only if she had any cuts or sores in her mouth. i had sex with her in march, about 5 months ago.

well thats the whole background story.

im not sure if i have symptoms or not. for one, i think i have a sinus infection. i have a runny nose, cough, and weird crackling noises in my ear when i swollow. im not sure if this is a symptom or not....

i dont quite know if i have swollen lymph nodes, either. i feel the glands, but im not sure if they're swollen or not, how big should they normally be? and what nodes generally swell. i can only feel the ones right under my cheek bone next to my jugular. they're not sore, or tender or anything.

the girl claims to be fine, and she's sexually active with her new boyfriend. i dont know if its just all in my head, where im paying extra close attention to my body? and thinking every little thing is a symptom?

i told my mom (im only 15), and she said she'll take me to the doctor, but if i go, they have to file a health report? and talk to the girl i had sex with and her parents?

can someone please give me some input? i appreciate it!


anyone? :-(

i can feel the gland more on the left side...and its hard to find on the right. it feels loose, and i can move it around. is this because i've been provoking it and feeling it? its been like this for about 3 im begininng to think this is normal? wouldn't it go away after a week if it was a symptom?