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Im 16 and have been diagnosed with Chlamydia, I start my course of antibiotics tomorrow as the Chemist didnt have anu medications that I wasnt allergic too, so I pick up the order tomorrow.

I just want to know if bed sheets or clothes need to be completely washed after I am treated, so that the infection doesn't return?

Also I was wondering with masterbation, I was using a toy before I realised I had Chlamydia, so is it possible for the bacteria to stay on the toy?

Thank you,



For normal hygiene purposes, you should wash your bed sheets and clothes any way. The virus generally needs a living host to remain alive but it doesn't mean it can't go dormant. Can this toy be washed in the dishwasher or is it electric? Are you the only person who has used this toy or do other people use it? You should be able to wash it with soap and hot water. Some people recommend a pot of boiling water but not if it is made of rubber or is electric.

More information may help.