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Please I hope someone has a answer !started about two yrs ago little black dots in my clothes feels like I a bugs crawling on me fuzz in my hair and it is falling out now its getting worse some of the fuzz I will try to move or burn and it away flies sounds crazy but true !also finding little stick Xmas looking things and they seem to love my cats hair.THANK YOU..


Are these things biting you at all or causing any itching to your scalp or skin?  Lice tends to linger in the host's hair near the scalp.  Fleas are more likely if they are on your cat since lice likes humans better for their host.  You need to treat your hair, cats, and the bedding and other places that the cats like to frequent.  You should bag up anything that cannot be washed for two weeks at least.  I hope this takes care of your bug problem.  You may want to trap one if you are still having problems and have it identified by your local public health clinic.