Okay. I've had a yeast infection for what has probably been eight or nine years now (yeah, I know). Recently I told my doctor my symptoms (white vaginal discharge, some itching, red outer lips and inside the inner labia) and she prescribed Fluconazole, the kind that comes in the one-pill five-day form. That seemed to help at first, but within a week of the dose ending the yeast infection was back.

But that's not all. Recently the yeast infection, if that is in fact what it is, has gotten MUCH worse. I used to get discharge perhaps once or twice a day, and it wasn't all that clumpy most of the time. Nowadays I get really bad discharge at least four times a day, and it has taken on a distinctly yellow hue and become a lot more clumpy (small clumps mostly, though). My outer lips and inside are still quite red. However, in between that -- inside the outer lips -- the skin is actually white. Also, my inner labia are barely existent from what I can tell, and some of it is actually fused to the rest of my vagina. I have read about lichen sclerosis and seen some pictures, and it does look and sound rather like what I'm experiencing, but... what does this increased, yellow-hued discharge mean??

One other thing that may be worth noting is that I've lost quite a bit of weight in the last few months. Could this be adding to my susceptibility to infection, and the worsening thereof?