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it's been 3 days that i've noticed my labia minor (the inner lips) are swollen! i feel a little pain b/c they are uncomfortable. i am sexually active with my bf and this has never happened to me before. my labia minor is twice as big and it worries me alot b/c it is not getting better... :-((( i don't knwo what should i use to make it better and i dont know why it happened. i had a cold when that happened and first i thought it's b/c of my high temperature but i dont think so b/c it got worst. What Is Wrong With Me?
i need help:(


You better see a gynecologist to make sure what it is, to me it sounds like yeast infection, it usually causes the swelling.

Yeast infection is not an STD, it is usually caused after undergoing antibiotic treatment, or after using condoms, or excessive douching.

Beside the swelling, yeast infection causes excessive yellow, thick discharge, redness, flaking and very bad odor.