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Hi i am a 20year old female an in the past year I have had one sexually partner an I was fine then I got on the pill just to regulate my period! An I stop a few weeks later. Got a yeast infection my doctor said it was because of the change in my hormones so after that cleared up I had this white discharge but not as clumpy an it didn't burn or itch an it's always there my underwear is always wet an when I do have sex with my one an only boyfriend he sees white stuff on his genitals SOMEONE HELP


Hi, based on your description it sounds like your yeast infection has gotten to be on the chronic side.

The good news is that you can get your issues under control... If you give it time and are persistent.

It's all about using a combination of a "smart diet" that focusing on cutting back on carbohydrates (sugar) and using the right dietary supplements that have a solid reputation for helping get a candida yeast problem under control.

Here's a site that has several articles on helping solve a yeast infection,