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Can u take the required dosage over2 days????insted ofall atone!


Please only take what is prescribed and the amounts required. Do not take anymore than the doctor prescribes. I know, please listen to me.

I thought I was infected with an STD (even HIV) and was not. I took many tests that all came back negative. But since I had a weird warm feeling in the "man zone", I was convinced I had acquired something from a woman I had unprotected sex with. I didn't listen to the doctors so I proceeded to take large amounts of Azithromycin and Doxycycline.

I am now paying for my stupidity as my body is all out of whack as a result of the large doses of antibiotics I took. I think it destroyed a large number of bacteria and my entire body now has a strange warm heat feeling. Now I'm trying to put back my life and body ack together again.

Anyway, please listen to your doctor.