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Has Facebook taken over your life — to the point that it's a real addiction? An internet addiction sucks you in slowly, like any other addiction. Here are the steps you can take if you want to overcome your problem.

There is no doubt that Facebook changed the world. More than a billion users are now active on this social network. Since its foundation, Facebook has enabled old school friends to stay in touch, employers to check up on potential employees, singles to find love, and revolutionaries to change governments.

Yes, Facebook has changed the world. Along with smart phones, tablets, and wireless internet access almost everywhere, it has created big changes in people's lives. Facebook can be a great tool that is there for you just when you need it — it can improve your life a great deal if you use it carefully.

But has Facebook taken over your life?

Do You Suffer From A Facebook Addiction?

The tell-tale signs of a Facebook addiction are familiar to anyone who lives in a modern, technology-ridden society. Do you exhibit any?

You might carry your smart phone or tablet everywhere, and when you arrive somewhere, the first thing you do is check if there is a wireless connection. You went somewhere to meet with people — your other half perhaps, or friends, or colleagues — but instead of talking to them, you get your device out to talk to other folks on Facebook. If you are really crazy, you might even be using Facebook to “talk” to the people sitting right next to you.

You could have the perfect excuse to be on the internet nearly all day long: your job requires it. But instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing, you find yourself checking your Facebook account every few minutes or even getting caught up in some of Facebook's infamous games. Isn't it great? That Farm game is to thank for the fact that you're now great friends with someone from the other side of the globe — yet another person you can Facebook with.

Whatever you're doing, Facebook is on your mind and it pulls you in whenever you don't absolutely have to do something else.

When you are bored, you go to Facebook. When you are excited about something, you share it on Facebook. Family dramas unfold on Facebook, but when things get too hot, you use your favorite online forum to moan about it. Of course you have to share pictures and make status updates whatever you're doing — and look at all your Facebook friends' news as well.

Just a few more minutes while I'm waiting for...” turns into many hours a day, without you even realizing it, and you might have started a quest to gain more friends on Facebook while neglecting your real-life friends, harming your family life, and risking your job.

Facebook addictions come in various degrees. If you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, you may be a Facebook addict.

As with other addictions — take, let's say, alcohol, cigarettes or cocain — you get addicts who have a degree of control over their addiction as well as those who have totally lost it.

If you think you might be spending too much time on Facebook or living too much of your life on the internet, you are probably right. You've got to learn to “connect and share with the people in your life” face to face again. How do you go through the withdrawal process?

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