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Im 14 yrs. old. I know Im a little young to be worrying about my weight, but i would like some help on how to.
Im almost 140lbs. and 5'5"; In My Opinion Im a Tad Bit Pudgy. Im Dont Mind Exercising,Ive Ben Trying To Do It Now, But Its Not Working As Well As I Would Like. Im Just Not Sure What To Do To Lose The Weight Faster Whether It Be Exercising And/Or Eating Healthier. Id Like Any Help I Can Get.


Your weight is OK if you have a lot a muscle. If not, I'd work on building muscle and toning your body. Also focus on eating healthy. It'll help you in life.

Healthy means no sodas, junk and processed foods. They're your biggest enemy.

Fruits and vegetables are great for giving energy everyday.

Walk, run, race. Try to get your friends to help you have fun when exercising. It'll help them too.

If you have access to a gym, make use of it. Use the cardio machines, take classes, use the free weights or machines, try out the stability ball. Do a variety of things, but focus on your exercises while you're doing them.

Whatever you do, do not skip your meals! Your body needs them.

Be Healthy,