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The University of Illinois concluded that potatoes provide almost every nutrient that the body needs to maintain proper and healthy functioning, and potatoes are naturally low in calories unless individuals add toppings such as butter or sour cream.

Generally about Potato

The potato is one of four of the largest crop products in the world; followed by maize, wheat, and rice.  Potatoes originate in Peru, dating back over ten thousand years ago but 99 percent of all potatoes grown today are decedents of the species of potato grown in south-central Chile.  In the first decade of the 21st century it is said that upon average, an individual consumes nearly 73 pounds of potatoes a year.

Where are Potatoes Grown?

China is the largest producer of potatoes in the world today; one third of all potatoes are cultivated and harvested in China, followed by India.  Potatoes are more generally grown in mass production in counties that are less wealthy than other countries but it is not certain as to why this has become the trend.  The potato is an essential food source in Europe; more so in central and eastern Europe and when compared to population, remains very high in the cultivation of potatoes.  

How to grow Potatoes

Harvested potatoes sprout what are called “eyes”; potatoes are usually grown using a piece of the potato that has spouted several eyes.  Individuals whom plant a home garden will cut off a piece of potato that has sprouted the eyes and plant them in hills or mounds.  The soil to grow potatoes needs to be free from weeds, rocks, and should maintain good moisture.  The planting of potatoes can be as early as a couple of weeks prior to the last frost; potatoes don’t fare well in frost conditions, however it takes up to two weeks for the potato to root and sprout.  The harvesting of potatoes should be before a heavy frost as the frost will cause damage to the potatoes still in the ground and make them bruise easily and cause rotting to occur.  Commercially grown potatoes can be stored for nearly six months; potatoes bought and stored in homes usually only last for a few weeks.

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