Hello .pls need some answers. I had sex with someone else on the 7 of Jan. On the 9th of jan.I had my period.on the 13th i started my ovulation through to 13th. (From the app I use to track my period? the 1 of Feb I had a not too heavy period(and that was when my period was actually suppose to arrive though the app I use.. . I found out on the 8th of March through a home pregnancy kit that I was pregnant. I went to the doctor on the 10th and she told me I was 6weeks pregnant but when I went back 2weeks later and another doctor in the same hospital told me I was 7weeks 5days.I would like to know if my sex from 7th of jan would have resulted in this pregnancy or this pregnancy is from a later time with my bf.plus I always take the morning after pills so my period through the app is usually 23 to 24 . 1.could I get pregnant after I had my period on the 9 through the intercouse from the 7th 2.when the doctors says I am 19weeks does that mean I am 17weeks.though she told me not to count from my conceive date. 3.I would like to know when I conceived .I only use the online calculator. Thanks and waiting for your replies .