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Your favourite summer beverages may be loaded with dangerously high levels of sugar. Find out if your summer drink is on this list and what it may be doing to your body.

A hot topic in many parts of the country as New York City passes a law limiting the size of high sugar drinks being sold to the public. No longer a place to find giant buckets of soda and sugar drinks, New York has set a new precedent, taking a stance against obesity.


This positive, high energy sensation feels good in the moment, but once it is lost, causes a craving. The more sugar you have, the more you want it. Combining sugar with caffeine is highly addictive as the body's ability to naturally create high's is diminished.

B. These drinks cause dangerous changes to blood sugar levels

In the digestive tract, liquids are absorbed more quickly than solid foods. The sugar beverages is rapidly absorbed into the blood, spiking blood sugar levels. In turn, the body responds to this dangerous level by secreting insulin into the system, attempting to bring it down to normal levels. The sugar diminishes as quickly as it came, causing a sugar low. This triggers a further response by the brain to tell you to eat.

Having this process repeated over and over is difficult on the system, and reduces the proficiency of the pancreas, the organ which secretes insulin. Also, as one would imagine, all that hunger after drinking sugary drinks leads to weight gain from unnecessary overeating of sugary foods and drinks, which are then stored as fat.

Watch out for these other popular sugary beverages:

Sobe fruit drinks:

These look and taste delicious when you grab a 20 oz bottle at the corner store. Unfortunately, you'll be consuming 70 grams of sugar in a single bottle, which is about 280 calories.

Iced Tea (sweetend):

Sweetend iced tea is very popular, with people believing it to be a healthy alternative to soda. In reality, it is just as bad as the others, with a 16 oz serving containing about 46 grams of sugar, for a total of 180 calories from sugar.

Nesquick Chocolate Milk:

A 16 oz bottle has 58 grams of sugar, a shocking 400 calories altogether, with 230 from sugar alone.

Lemonade, Apple and Orange juice:

Carefully read the label on fruit juice bottles, many will have 45 to 56 grams of sugar in a 16 oz serving. That means you'll consume anywhere from 200 to 260 calories of sugar in what you thought was a healthy drink.

What you may have thought to be an OK drink may turn out to be a diet damaging drink rather than a cool, refreshing pick-me-up. Always check the label before you reach for your favourite summer drink!

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