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Users comments and reviews on article The First Step You Must Take to Cleanse Your Body Toxins by KyleNorton


Here are some ways to rid your body of toxins.

STOP PUTTING TOXINS INTO YOUR BODY! Your body can (is supposed to) be able to detox itself. But because of the toxic overload we submit it to, of course we are all going to be feeling sick.

Stop eating chemicals. Aspartame is one of the worst things you can put into your body, but people drink diet sodas, sugarfree yogurt, juices with aspartame in them, and even energy drinks now contain it.

Quit complaining if you are not going to change your ways. But if you do want to change your ways, and start feeling better... I have some good tips for you on how to detox.

Start out with some good quality detox foot pads. Many people say they don't work, but that is because they have used some that are over 50% corn starch. While it won't hurt them, it doesn't do the intended job, just fillers (and the companies looking to make a quick buck).

Also, drink PURE water. Whether you have a filtration system, or bottled water (reverse osmosis, spring water) whatever. Get your liquids from water or tea... do not drink any other liquids (vegetable juices or pure fruit juices with NO added sugar or chemicals are ok).

Don't microwave food in plastic containers. This is BAD. Your body has no clue how to rid itself of the plastic by products... so over time you start to get sick and don't know the cause. This is a huge cause.

Don't cook in aluminum cookware. Stainless steel is the best!

It is ok to eat meat and drink dairy. Just buy organic, without bovine growth hormones or the use of antibiotics/pesticides. Sure, it is a little more expensive... but your health is worth it right? You wouldn't put inferior fluids (oils, gas etc) into your car, right? Why are you doing it to your body?

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I do think that eating something like Fiber One is pretty helpful if you are looking for a personal cleanse. I think that the amount of fiber in it is really high and it's very helpful and delicious besides. Just one bowl per day seems to be incredibly effective and you don't really have to do much more than that. I think it's pretty delicious too if you haven't ever tried it before!