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As a diabetic, I'm always worried about eating out. Quite often the food choices are not appropriate for me or I just don't know what's in the food. Is there a healthy way to eat out when I want to without having to know all the specifics of what is in restaurant food? When I was younger, I ate out all the time but now it is difficult with diabetes. Can someone tell me what foods I should look for so I can maintain proper blood sugar levels. This would be most helpful. I'm also interested in what desserts I can eat if that's possible. I really love chocolate.


I know eating out can be difficult if you have diabetes. Most foods in restaurants are not geared to a diabetic diet. I know, I have this problem with my husband. He is so afraid of eating out and I just love to eat out especially for seafood. Nevertheless, his doctor was able to give him some pointers so that we can both enjoy eating out.


There are so many foods that you can't have, however there are some things to look for and stick there no matter where you go. It's a good idea to stay away from soups, breads, rolls and pie crusts. You need to watch your salt intake as well so stay away from salty foods. Look for fresh veggies and fruit and stay away from items that you know were canned. For example, cured meats and some cheeses. Your best bet for salad dressing is olive oil and wine vinegar but use them sparingly. Make sure your salad dressing is on the side and not already poured on your salad. Try to find foods that are grilled or broiled. Poultry and seafood are good choices if they are not in sauces. Also avoid gravies and casseroles. Ultimately, it is best to stay away from buffet type eateries and fast food places. They have some of the most unhealthy food in them.


If you have your heart set on dessert, consider fresh fruit, low sugar sherbet or low sugar cake. Keep in mind that a lot restaurants have large portions so you might want to share. One of my favorites is Black Forest cake (yum). The cake usually comes in a large portion. I have split it up into as much as five ways or just taken some of it home with me. It keeps well in the freezer.