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ok, so i think im pregnant and uhmm this might be a little hard belive but im only 14 and my boyfrineds 15. is there such thing as abortion pills? if so how old do i have to be to buy them and how much do they cost. and i need help with other abortion issues im so clueless on what to do. i really cant tell my mom. she just had a baby a month ago so this would be crazy. she CANNOT know. please help. 


Hi Merpp,

The answer to your question is yes.  There are abortion pills.

But, you would need to see your doctor to get them.  They are ONLY available by prescription and they do have risks.  Since you are a minor, you will, in many places, need your parents permission.  You don't in all places, but many do require what is called "parental consent."

Of course, you may not be pregnant.

Please, sit down and talk to your parents.  Explain why you think you are pregnant.  They can help you take a test or go to the doctors if necessary.  Even if you are not pregnant, they may want you to begin using birth control.

Don't be afraid of them.  They will always love you, trust me on that.  Yes, they may be disappointed, but the love is ALWAYS there.

Talk to them, as an adult.  You are not a little girl.  Be honest and forthcoming.

Good luck.