Can we really REVERSE our Type 2 diabetes?
Diabetes is considered a progressive disease. What that means is that once you get it, it will only get worse for most of us. We will first start off trying to control it with diet, then when that fails, we are put on a few oral medications (eg Metformin), then when that fails, increased oral medications and finally Insulin. The lucky ones are able to maintain their control and stay with the few oral medications.
In the process of taking these medications, we may get the following:
• Obesity
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Retinopathy
• High cholesterol
• Cataract
• Kidney problems
• Neuropathy
We all know someone who has diabetes and at least one of the above mentioned complications.
The question we need to ask is why do we get diabetes? I am talking about Type 2 diabetes, the most common type. Yes your parents having it is a factor but NOT the reason you got it. This is quite clear in a family where one of the children gets it but not the others. It has been shown that the genes that give us diabetes can be turned on or off.
So the question is: what turns our genes on? Well, the answer is surprisingly very simple: Lifestyle!
So now we need to ask ourselves: What in our lifestyle is harming us? Two main factors greatly influence your health. One is STRESS in any form, such as anxiety, fear etc and the other is FOOD.
Yes what we eat plays a big part in the illnesses we get. To see the power of the food you eat, you MUST watch Mike Anderson’s DVD “Eating 3rd Edition” available from Amazon. According to Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of Eat To Live this is “a mind-blowing video experience that will forever change the way you think about food." You can also get the link from ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed
So now we know the main factors that cause Type 2, what can we do to control and maybe even reverse it? Well the first step is change what we eat. Avoid, what I call, the POWs Foods. These are Processed Foods, Oily Foods, Whites (eg white bread, white rice) and of course Sugars.

Next time we will discuss the POWs in more detail.