I have read a lot of posts about dry flaky skin in groin area formation of a layer a dead skin over the scrotum, redness and inflamation of skin. These all bacterial and fungal infections and nothing to worry about. People who do a lot of playing, running gymming are prone to such kind of infections. The basic cause is that we allow fungus or bacteria to infect that region. 


When you try to remove the flakes the inflamed skin might rupture and lead to bleeding. Please do not do that. It will hurt a lot. Moreover when you will apply any antifungal cream that will hurt the bleeding areas. 

The solutions are :- 

Buy any good antifungal cream which has salicylic acid. Apply it once while sleeping after throughly cleaning the area with light hands 

After bathing apply anti fungal dusting powder like candid or any other.

Do not bath excessively, that will dry the infected area. 

Try wearing loose clothes 

Wash your under garments seperately with any anit bacterials like dettol etc.

Try replacing your under garments with new ones