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i've been reading many forums online about possible causes of peeling fingertips... none seem to have much answers excpet the usual things like kawasaki's or eczema.. and some say stress. i'm not quite sure where i fit.

right now my fingertips are starting to peel again. here's what i notice. They peel incessantly, from the tip. i had no idea how to stop or what to do because i don't have any special skin allergies and this has only been happening quite recently as much as i can remember. my dad has eczema though (coupled with asthma and all that follows), and my blood type follows his; just that i dont have asthma and i'm not sure i have eczema. i dont really have skin rash problems.

i raked up my vitamin intake because i generally have a weak immune system; vitamins C, b complex, evening primrose oil. didn't stop the peeling. UNTIL..... my period came. almost instantly, my feelings were fine! no peeling, nothing! and now just a week after my period has finished, my fingers are peeling again! ANNOYING!

(i'm aware that during the menstruation cycle, the body's immune system takes an extra dip.)

is there a possible linkage? Confused


u should use some blackberry oils

it helps


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