I have skin peeling in circles on two fingertips. It started with a little white bubble that peeled out to a circle. There is no itching or redness. I had these markings appear in the exact same spots on these fingers last month. It also appeared on my other fingers and on my breasts. I went to the doctor, who looked at me (didn't take a sample, or look under a blacklight, microscope, anything), declared it a fungal infection, and prescribed me Nystatin, which did not help. I bought Lamisil, which also didn't do anything, and finally decided to ignore it. (Although I bought sulfur soap, which again, did nothing). 

It went away, but now it has come back and it drives me insane to not know what it is. Just a little background, I have no medical conditions, such as diabetes and have never shown signs of eczema or psiorasis at any other point in my life. From the end of May to July, I suffered from extreme hairloss. The doctors took my blood and tested for thyroid disorders, but found nothing. They said they would refer me to a dermatologist, but by the time they had (5 months later), my hair loss had stopped. So, I assumed that the hair loss may have been caused by stress.

I don't live in a very warm climate, don't go to the gym, but I do have pets. However, my pets don't show any signs of ringworm. This seems to only affect my hands and breasts. It has never spread to my head, feet, nails, etc. as one would expect if it were ringworm. 

Additionally, I started birth control two months ago, but peeling skin is not a mentioned side effect.