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my son is now 14 and wets day and night.he loves sports and would proubly be the last person you would think did that.but is this normal.


Noctural enuresis (involuntary urination at night) appears in about one out of every 100 teens. Most of them just grow out of the problem but it may actually take years to do that on their own. Noctural enuresis can be primary-they wet the bed since they were babies and secondary-they started doing it later.

The cause cannot always be found. There area few possible causes like problems with the bladder, hormones, genetics, sleeping problems. Some of the secondary noctural enuresis causes could be diabetes, UTI or constipation, spinal injuries, etc

It could be due to psychological problems if a teen is too stressed over certain matter.

There are some things you and him could try to fix the problem. For example, if he can’t wake up on his own, you could be waking him to go to the toilet, or he could be setting an alarm clock to wake him up for peeing, he should cut down on late liquids and empty his bladder before going to bed. He should be telling himself before falling asleep that he needs to wake up and go to the toilet during the night. Some of these little steps could help.

If the problem occurred recently, you could make an appointment at the doctors to see if there’s a physical problem.